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Lake Kahola Homes Assocation

Board Elections, August 20, 2022


North Shore Shelter

We would like to thank all Board Members for their service.  The following Board Members terms are up and are not running for re-election:  Raleigh Hinman & Chris Lengquist.  Thank you, gentlemen.

The following Board Members have terms expiring and are running for re-election:  Bob Taylor & Brenda Livingston.

We have a seat vacated through a board member resignation.

SO we have 3 open Board positions for the Board.  If you are interested in being on the Board, please send a brief bio and your desire to run to Raleigh Hinman at [email protected] no later than JULY 18, 2022.

Please note: Lake Kahola and surrounding property is privately owned. No boating, fishing, or swimming is allowed by the public. Lake Kahola has no lifeguards on duty so always swim at your own risk. 

Fire & Police Department:

KHA Mailing Address: PO Box 611, Emporia, KS 66801

Director of Operations: Jason Passmore
[email protected]

DOO Summer Work Hours

Wednesday - Sunday  9 AM-5 PM
Please do not visit DOO at home and grounds outside of these hours unless in case of emergency. DOO is often working all around the lake area, so feel free to call or text him during these times. Thank you for respecting the family's privacy during "off hours."   


Zebra Mussel Inspectors & Bait Vendors  LIST

 Current Inspectors: