Welcome to the Kahola Homeowner's Association Website

Kahola Homeowner's Association (KHA) is the governing body for the private Lake Kahola lake community located about 15 miles northwest of Emporia, Kansas. Members of KHA can find all information related to the Kahola Lake community including bylaws, rules, covenants, board meeting documentation, etc.

No boating, fishing, or swimming is allowed by the public.

Fire Department:

Director of Operations: Jason Passmore
[email protected]

Summer Office Hours

 Saturday  8AM-10AM
 Sunday  10AM-12PM
 Wednesday  9AM-11AM
 Thursday  9AM-11AM
 Friday  3PM-5PM


Lake Kahola and surrounding property is privately owned. Public fishing and swimming are no longer permitted.

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KHA - PO Box 611 Emporia, KS 66801