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Attention to Cabin Owners with Items in Storage Area:

We are in the process of having gravel spread in the Storage Area below the dam.  If you have items in Slips 21-31 and 44-55, please begin removing your items for that area to be graveled.  Your slip number, is NOT your cabin number.   We are working row by row to gravel the area, as weather permits. 

We need above listed slips to be clear of any items by Sunday, June 19.

If you are in the remaining rows, you could also begin clearing your slips

as we will begin those areas as soon as the contractor is available and weather permits.

Any items not removed will be considered property of KHA.HHh

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Jason or Brenda Livingston at [email protected]

Please note: Lake Kahola and surrounding property is privately owned. No boating, fishing, or swimming is allowed by the public. Lake Kahola has no lifeguards on duty so always swim at your own risk. 

Fire & Police Department:

KHA Mailing Address: PO Box 611, Emporia, KS 66801

Director of Operations: Jason Passmore
[email protected]

DOO Summer Work Hours

Wednesday - Sunday  9 AM-5 PM
Please do not visit DOO at home and grounds outside of these hours unless in case of emergency. DOO is often working all around the lake area, so feel free to call or text him during these times. Thank you for respecting the family's privacy during "off hours."   


Zebra Mussel Inspectors & Bait Vendors  LIST

 Current Inspectors: