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Now that we have gone to ownership of our lots, the following should be adhered to concerning sales of cabins/lots where you already have a deed in hand.

1. It is a “normal” real estate transaction covered by various real estate laws

2. You must fill out two (2) Sales Validation Questionnaires (SVQ)
  a. One for the appropriate County
  b. One for KHA

3. You must notify KHA of the following:
  a. Names, addresses, emergency phone numbers, proof of new owners liability insurance (minimum of $250,000) and email addresses of purchaser

4. An “initiation” fee or transfer fee equal to 25% of KHA annual HOA dues.

5. A copy of the recorded identical deed of both counties with the register of deed's stamp of the new owner’s property must be sent to KHA

6. No lot shall in any way be subdivided.


All of us, including realtors, should remind potential owners to know about and read the “Homeowners Association Declaration of Kahola” and the “Declaration of Protective Covenants and Restrictions of Kahola”. All newcomers should be well acquainted with the various covenants of the Association. Please click on the .PDF files below for any clarification of the covenants and the rules of the association. These Covenants can also be found at either the Chase or Morris County Courthouses.