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Wastewater Guidelines

Morris County requires a permit for either a holding tank or a water well, through Lisa Davies

The minimum standards show a minimum setback of 50' between private well and wastewater system,( separation distances Table 5, page 4).

MF2214 Minimum Standards for Design and Construction of ...

a a State of Kansas Department of Health and Environment Bulletin 4-2, March 1997 MINIMUM STANDARDS FOR DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF ONSITE WASTEWATER SYSTEMS

The second link is for privies, toilets and holding tanks, and references distance separation must comply with the same setback as for other systems.( page Viii-4).

National Park Service: Privy or Outhouse - KDHE

12/01 WATER CONSERVING TOILETS AND HOLDING ANKS VIII-2 Odor-Free Toilet – The Modern Vault Privy The United States Forest Service (USFS) is probably the world’s ...